PhenoDays Workshops - hands-on experience in phenotyping

Phenodays workshops are occasionally organised to address the user community and attract interested people. They usually take place associated to phenotyping events.

Phenotyping Workshops

When we started PhenoDays back in 2011, digital phenotyping was a relatively new branch of plant science. We set out to create an international forum for the plant phenomics research community, to bring scientists together from all over the world to discuss new ideas and to share information. This proved to be very successful and PhenoDays quickly became an important annual event for hundreds of people working in research, industry and academia.

However, with the growth of the International Plant Phenotyping Network (IPPN) and regional networks, such as the North American and European Plant Phenotyping Networks (NAPPN, EPPN), we feel that some consolidation of conferences would now be valuable to the phenomics community.

With this in mind, PhenoDays will no longer continue as a conference. This year, PhenoDays will refocus as a series of educational workshops designed to demonstrate phenotyping techniques, deliver training and work through scientific problems. Over a few days, delegates will learn about equipment, software and applications to help with their research. Round table discussion sessions will provide a platform for new ideas and current issues.

So PhenoDays is changing and details about the PhenoDays 2017 workshops will follow shortly. I hope you will be able to join us.

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