Greenhouse Scanalyzer - Sensor-to-Plant

For sensor-to-plant applications, a motorized gantry can be fitted inside the greenhouse to transport sensors above the plants. The Greenhouse Scanalyzer - Sensor-to-Plant can carry a variety of sensors including a 3D laser scanner to measure diverse plant phenotypic properties. In this way, highly accurate and detailed data can be captured at pre-programmed intervals without human intervention.

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The Greenhouse Scanalyzer Sensor-to-Plant operates like a Field Scanalyzer, but is mounted as an indoor gantry system.

Greenhouse Scanalyzer - Sensor-to-Plant
Greenhouse Scanalyzer - Sensor-to-Plant

Technical Specifications

Sensor and camera options

Visible light camera, 8.1 Megapixel
Chlorophyll fluorescence camera, 1.4 Megapixel
Infrared camera, 0.3 Megapixel
Hyperspectral cameras 380 - 1000 nm; 900 - 2500 nm
3D Laser scanner, 0.15 mm resolution

Environmental sensors

Application examples
  • Ground cover
  • Canopy height
  • Plant geometry
  • Growth and biomass
  • Counting features
  • Growth stages
  • Vegetation indices
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence parameters
Addressable planting area (example)

9 m x 21 m


Dedicated Windows PC plus database server(s)

Software options

Process control, Image recording and processing, Data analysis

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Wheat Ears Segmentation

This process may be used to propose the development stage of the wheat by analysing the size of the ears.

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