Phenotyping Software

LEMNATEC-OS is a complete open software system for phenotyping plants, seeds and small organisms. A suite of integrated modules enables scientists to automate phenotyping processes and analyse the resulting images. Using drag-and-drop functionality, complex algorithms can be quickly constructed, modified and tested.

The APPLICATIONS section of this website shows some of the ways this powerful software suite can be used to measure specific characteristics and traits in plant phenotyping.

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Integrated Software Modules

  • Control movement of plant carriers and sensors
  • Plan and perform routines for watering, spraying and imaging
  • API for integration of a wide range of sensors
  • Programmable interface for non-LemnaTec equipment
  • Centralised data acquisition

  • Graphical process for detailed image analysis
  • Wide range of image formats
  • Library of image processing algorithms including hyperspectral data
  • API for integration of third party image processing software

  • Easy access to all data with plotting functions
  • Integrates seamlessly with R statistics
  • Configurable data processing functions
  • Visualisation of data and images
  • Report generator

  • Database management on server or PC
  • Open access to databases with full documentation
  • Graphical display of images, data and analysis
  • Location data for plants and sensors