The LemnaTec Academy

The LemnaTec Academy was established to transfer knowledge within the global phenotyping community. Over nearly two decades, LemnaTec has built up a huge knowledge base relating to plant phenotyping which covers digital imaging, image processing and data analysis techniques. Our interdisciplinary teams support the entire application life cycle with training, workshops and consulting services.

The LemnaTec team of phenotyping experts offers a variety of training and consulting services. Please contact us to identify the service that meets your demand.

  • Dr. Marcus Jansen

    Chief Scientist - Biologist

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Through working partnerships with our customers, we deliver focused consulting services to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of research. Projects include cost-effective feasibility studies and/or pilot studies to evaluate new ideas and processes at the LemnaTec testing facilities. Before buying their own phenotyping equipment, customers can book such services to get to know the technology in detail.


Knowing how to process digital images and analyse sensory data is critical in phenotyping research and industrial applications. We can help you develop the skills to derive meaningful data from your images. Training can be delivered at our offices or at other suitable locations.It is available for existing customers who want to broaden their knowledge and for new customers who want to learn about the possibilities.


From advanced image feature extraction, through optimization, to trait analysis, we provide a wide range of workshop events for plant scientists. Tutorials are delivered by experienced application specialists in a choice of working environments.

Workshops are offered from time to time at different locatios, please check our news page regularly.